the most efficient, customizable and cost-effective way on Android to present...whatever!


Perfect For Kiosks (Sounds On Wheels)

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What Is It?

  • An App for Android specializing in conveying information to showcase all types your content (Products, Services, Events, Ideas, Statistics) supporting all types of media (Images, Text, Video)
  • A robust Database Management GUI utility on PC for rapid and painless entry of the information and media to be showcased within the App

Who Is It For?

  • The small business owner looking to place Tablets around shop to replace or supplement existing demo units to enhance customers' experience
  • The dedicated marketer who needs a more modern, professional and highly flexible alternative to presenting particular Services, Products or Ideas
  • The content analyst wanting a faster more versatile means of conveying their ideas and thoughts
  • Anyone looking for a way to showcase any and all kinds of data in a sleek, professional manner through use of a Tablet (or Phone!)

Why This?

  • No nonsense — you get an interactive template for showcasing information with a customizable look, plus a tool to manage your showcased content
  • Price negotiable — you will not find a freelancer or company who can match this quality for this price
  • 1-on-1 customer support — I will personally help you get started and answer any questions you may have

How Do I Get It?

To purchase a license for the Android app, you may contact me to negotiate per-device offer.

You may download the Showcase Database Manager for free from here:

Showcase Database Manager v1.2

How Do I Manage My Content?

Using the Showcase Database Manager, you can create, modify, and export a local database-file to the devices running the Showcase Android app.

Showcase Database Manager Screenshot


Sounds On Wheels — 2012 to Present

12410 East Indiana Avenue Spokane Valley, WA 99216

"Outstanding; made to order. Great amount of customizations and the do-it-yourself data entry for my employees has enabled us to demo our products and services in several kiosks around the shop."