a configurable, virtual MIDI Piano Roll for your smartphone and tablet


Low Profile, Clean Interface

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Best thing to happen to Android for the sheet-musically challenged!
It teaches you to play piano simply by showing which keys to press and when...

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MidiRoll is brought to you entirely from my own disdain of lugging a laptop around to a piano whenever I would find a song to learn.

I'd download the MIDI version of the song, boot up Synthesia and click through way too many dialogs to eventually see which keys to press. I grew incredibly weary of this process and decided I would create my own solution, thus —

MidiRoll was born (:

Let's see...

  • Virtual Piano w/ Rolling Notes
  • Variable Speed Playback - 30% to 100%
  • Variable Track Playback
  • Variable Per-Track Instrument Playback
  • Variable Track Color
  • Many Playback Instruments Supported
  • Optional Metronome
  • Intuitive 'Quick-Seek' buttons for quicker learning
  • Auto Search for All Midi Files
  • Preloaded w/ Popular Songs (River Flows in You, etc.)
  • Midi File Type 0 and 1 Support
  • Android 2.1+ Support
  • PC Support
  • Support An Independent Developer

Why are you still here? (: