Cord Rehn

Cord Rehn

CEO / Lead Developer / Founder

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Danielle Grams

Danielle Grams

Administrative Assistant


Whether it's business inquiries or software suggestions we enjoy entertaining ideas so let us hear it.

If you require support, please do not hesitate to contact us at our support email or create a topic on our forum.

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SG57 Productions has been around since 2006 in the sense that I, under the internet alias SG57, have been developing software since then.

From 3D modelling to 2D sprite creation to Lua & AHK scripting to C/C++ & Java homebrew to .NET tooling to SQL databasing to Android & iOS mobile apps to ASP.Net web apps & services. I've become a jack-of-all-trades having touched on everything from client-to-server-to-backend-to-tooling-to-testing over the years out of necessity.

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In fact, this very website is a product of mine.

I needed a community forum to give a home to my past, present, and future works.

I needed an integrated web app for users to manage, rate, and share their custom level creations for Simply Impossible with a REST API service for the app to use in-game.

I needed a web service to manage the submitted feedback from within my Android apps, such as Dashboard for Tesla and Simply Impossible.

I needed a web app for helping Tesla owners get the most out of their vehicle, Tesla Tips.

I began development on this website in my spare time in early March of 2015. After a month-and-a-half of concurrent self-education and development, the site was released in a near-finished state a month later.

- Cord Rehn

Other Software

Here is an incomplete list of just some of the other software I remember I created over the years.

- Cord Rehn

Future Dream Project

At some point in the future we will be seeking a passionate 3D modeller with a love for RPGs to resurrect a legacy project of ours on today's platforms.

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