Hey all, new update just rolled out with some neat additions.

speedclocking details 1 speedclocking details 2

Improved Speed Clocking Details

This got requested quite a bit so here's the first edition at adding decently useful speed clocking data analysis right from within the app. You can switch between the detailed overview and the graphical analysis, also tapping a point on the graph will bring up the same detailed analysis up until that point.

This change is retroactive and works with all pre-existing recordings you may have.

What you see above is only a fraction of what you can view in the app:

  • Data Points
  • Start Time
  • End time
  • Duration
  • 0-30
  • 0-60
  • 0-100
  • 40-100
  • 1/4 mile
  • Start Speed
  • End Speed
  • Min Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Start Power
  • End Power
  • Min Power
  • Max Power
  • Start Odometer
  • End Odometer
  • Net Odometer
  • Start Location
  • End Location
  • Distance

I plan to add more analysis and calculations, especially as you guys suggest them, so feel free to export the raw data to CSV yourself to plug into another program to crunch numbers and also get an idea of the data that is available for me to work with in the app, take special note of the resolution (not the greatest..). Some missing data I'd like to add to the analysis soon would be:

  • Start Battery
  • End Battery
  • Net Battery
  • Start Range
  • End Range
  • Net Range
  • Map Tracking (plot each data point on a map to reconstruct your path)

Note: These added details may help identify any bugs in speed clocking that have been elusive this whole time, so please do report if you see discrepancies not explainable due to lack of data resolution or precision.

Fun Fact: The details in this screenshot are of my 2016 Model S 75D immediately after having it uncorked on low battery. Notice the 337 kW max power, for the record my previous corked recordings maxed at 275 kW :)

Push Notifications

This is a win for everybody, I've added support for sending my own push notifications. This makes everyone's life easier now that I can disseminate important information.

Currently, this will only be used for notifying those running older versions of the app that a new update is available, and also critical information to those affected should a serious issue arise (such as the Tesla API change for newer firmwares last week that broke the app).

This is by no means meant to nag anyone for anything, I plan to use this power for good. If you'd like and you're running Android Oreo or newer however, you can block the General notifications channel for the app to stop from seeing these, however I'd advise against it.

Other Changes

  • Background services bug fix affecting Android Oreo and newer due to new background execution limitations
  • Smart charging bug fix where the service wasn't rescheduling on days that weren't enabled for any location
  • Added battery heater on status indicator to the charge screen
  • Added show/hide background service processing notification setting
  • Lots of misc. quality of life improvements
  • Important bug fixes

Coming Soon

  • Wear Summon support - so close...
  • Charge time-price estimator utility
  • Powerwall support

I'm still cranking away at a big to-do list and exploring new stuff, now that this update is out I'll be catching up on emails and monitoring for any issues.

Thanks all for your support, happy holidays!