Payment Models - One-Time Purchase vs Subscription

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SG57 posted this 28 February 2018

Payment Models

To use Dashboard for Tesla on your actual Tesla vehicle, an access product purchase is required.

This can be purchased using any of the 2 payment models that best fit your needs.

One-Time Payment

Purchase à la carte only the features you want for permanent access on your Google account.

These are one-time, single payment product purchases that persist for the lifetime of the app on your Google account.

Monthly Subscription

A small, recurring, monthly payment for full access to all the features the app offers, including all new features as they are released.

  • All purchases are bound to your Google account which made the purchase
  • All purchases are not bound to a Tesla account, or Tesla vehicle, or Android device

How To Purchase

When you sign-in without a purchased access product or subscription, then you will be automatically taken to the Purchases screen where a list of all available products and subscriptions will be shown.

You can return to the Purchases screen once signed-in by opening the menu drawer by tapping the menu button in the top action bar, then tapping the Purchases menu item near the bottom of the open drawer menu.


Dashboard for Tesla Products

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Joyce Jorinscay posted this 28 November 2018

I received my android phone yesterday and it was my first time using the Google Play store. I noticed today that I signed up for both the one time payment ($15) plus the monthly subscription for the Tesla Dashboard. I only have one Android device and I just wanted the subscription. How do I get my money back for the one time payment? Or is it easier to just stop the subscription and live with that? Thanks... ; >

Danielle Grams posted this 28 November 2018

Hi Joyce,

If you could email support at with your order id, we would be happy to issue you a refund. You can find your order id on the e-mail receipt Google sent you.


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