Hey everyone,

An update is now available for Dashboard for Tesla that brings important bug fixes and a long-awaited feature.

​wear summon support 1

Wear Summon & HomeLink Support

You can now remotely summon your Tesla and trigger HomeLink right from your Android Wear smart watch.

This feature was promised months ago, but priorities shifted this into the backlog often due to focus on bug fixes, quick-wins, and real-life events.

Summon style is respected on the Wear device, meaning if your summon style is "continuous" (AKA dead-man switch style), then you must press-and-hold the movement buttons the same as you do in the mobile app.

Due to the nature of this feature and to establish your trust in it, it's important you know just what is going on and the safety mechanisms in place. Implementing summon support for the Wear app was no small feat, but safety was the utmost goal to this implementation.

Implementation Details

Here are important technical details of the implementation.

  • While the vehicle is stationary, the Summon connection will disconnect if the mobile device is unreachable for at most 5 seconds.

  • While the vehicle is moving, the Summon connection will disconnect and the Summon movement will abort if the mobile device is unreachable for at most 2 seconds. This is the slowest possible time for a Summon movement command to abort automatically.

  • Minimizing, closing, sleeping, hiding, or otherwise leaving the Summon screen, the Summon connection will disconnect and any Summon movement will abort.

  • When deselecting the current Summon movement command, the Summon movement will abort immediately. This is the preferred, intended way to stop a Summon movement command as it is the fastest taking less than 1 second. The above conditions are safeguards, redundant safety measures should this fail or experience connectivity errors.

  • All other means of stopping Summon movement are possible, this includes touching a door handle, pressing any button on the keyfob, or blocking the path of the car with a large enough object.

Feel free to use this access code for full access to all features the app has to offer, including the new Wear Summon support, usable on your actual Tesla vehicle valid Tuesday-only:


To enter an access code, press-and-hold the sign-in button for 3 seconds when signing in like normal.

Thanks everyone for your support, best wishes.