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Call Tesla Roadside Assistance at any time for 24-hour support on all things Tesla related such as vehicle problems, Supercharger outages, etc.

From within the car, tap the Tesla logo at the top of the main display to open the car information dialog. From here drag the top of this dialog downwards to reveal a hidden menu that displays all of the discovered easter eggs your vehicle supports.

You can sleep in your vehicle comfortably with the HVAC running all night, this is what's known unofficially as Camper Mode. There are 3 ways to enable this, each with their own pros and cons.

1. Enable the climate keeper setting on firmware 8.1+. You can find this setting in the HVAC controls panel at the bottom of the main display.

• Free
• No network connectivity needed

• Automatically turns off at 20% battery
• Automatically turns off if a door is opened
• You cannot automatically disable it based on start and end times, or on a custom battery percent threshold
Requires car firmware 8.1+

2. Use a Tesla mobile app or web service that supports Camper Mode. This works by the mobile app or web service periodically sending a Start HVAC command to your vehicle to effectively keep the HVAC running.

Not all software supports Camper Mode, however here are the prominent ones that do:

Android: Dashboard for Tesla
iOS: Remote S
Web: coming soon...

• Car is off and in park allowing charging and all lights and displays off
• Automatic control over start and end times, and battery percent thresholds for protection

• Most software with this support require a one-time purchase
• Requires sustained network connectivity between your vehicle and your device

3. Put the car in neutral and enable the hand-brake. This effectively prevents the car from turning off so the HVAC never turns off.

• Free
• No network connectivity needed

• DRL / ambient lights remain on since the car is still on
• Main and driver display both remain on since the car is still on
• You cannot charge the vehicle because the vehicle is not in Park
• You cannot automatically disable it based on start and end times, or on a battery percent threshold

It will always be preferred you hand-wash your Tesla to best avoid damages, but if you want to run the car through a car wash make sure it is touchless and you fold the mirrors in.

Connect a USB mouse to one of the USB ports in the car to show a pointer icon on the main display capable of fully interacting with the interface.

One known fix for this issue is to try a full reboot of the vehicle by rebooting the driver's display and the main display.

Tesla forbids remotely starting the HVAC while the rear trunk/hatch is open. This prevents us from running Camper Mode using the HVAC to climate control a tent connected to the open trunk. A harmless work around to this problem is to take a small object, like a pencil, and place it on the rear trunk latch to trick the vehicle into thinking its rear trunk is closed.

You can keep the stereo on and playing while you are outside the vehicle with nobody inside by leaving a door slightly ajar and not completely closed.

Press and hold the rear trunk button on the key fob to open or close the charge port door.

Press and hold the 2 buttons above both scroll wheels on the steering wheel for 15+ seconds until the driver's display turns off. The reboot process may take a few minutes to complete.

Press and hold the 2 scroll wheels on the steering wheel for 15+ seconds until the main display turns off. The reboot process may take a few minutes to complete.

There is no search facility in the official Tesla Motors forum, but you can use other web services to search the forums such as Volkerize or Google.

Press and hold the bottom button below both scroll wheels on the steering wheel for 15+ seconds to take a screenshot and save other diagnostic information which Tesla service can access later. Alternatively, you can also use the voice command, report, then begin describing your issue for Tesla service to review later.

With autopilot hardware and the tech package purchased you can summon your vehicle right from your key fob. This requires that you set the Summon Style in the vehicle's settings to Standard. While the car is parked, press and hold the lock button on the key fob for 3+ seconds until the emergency lights start blinking. Now press only once on the frunk button to summon the car forward, or the trunk button to summon the car backwards. This will automatically open your connected HomeLink garage if needed by configuring it within the Summon settings in the car itself. You can stop the summon by pressing any button on the keyfob, touching a door handle, or if a decent sized object is in the path of travel. Summon from key fob is disabled in the UK.

Superchargers work in pairs. If someone is already charging in stall 1A, you'll both get a slower charge rate if you then start charging in 1B. Instead, charge in an unoccupied stall, such as 2A if 2B is unoccupied.

Tesla offers a free service for older 75D models only called Uncorking that will improve the vehicle's performance by 20-30% taking 1 second off 0-60 mph times. All 60D models must purchase the 75D upgrade in order to be eligible for the performance upgrade. Your vehicle may not be eligible for this performance upgrade if it was produced before July 2016 or around there, but it is always worth checking with your local service center, or contacting Tesla support through the Tesla.com official site. Read more information here.