Hey all,

Just put out an update with some key quality of life improvements and a new feature I'm quite proud of - Vehicle Notifications.

vehicle notifications

Vehicle Notifications

You can now opt-in to automatically receive any number of vehicle notifications of your choosing akin to the official app, albeit with more flexibility.

For a detailed explanation, I reverse engineered the official Tesla app's push notifications so Dashboard for Tesla perfectly emulates the vehicle notifications feature only with less restrictions and more cool things to come - such as automatic behaviors tied to a vehicle notification!

This is the full list of vehicle notifications you are able to opt-in to receiving for your subscribed vehicles:

  • Car Alarm
  • Car Active*
  • Please Move Car
  • Climate Keeper Stopped
  • Charging Started
  • Charging Interrupted
  • Charging Completed
  • Firmware Update Available
  • Key Added*
  • Key Removed*
  • New Referral
  • Referral Secret Level Up
  • Summon Started
  • Summon Complete
  • Summon Failed
  • Grid Fault Contactor Trip*
  • Grid Resync Success*

Items marked with an * indicate I am not positive on what they are for and can only guess. Feel free to speculate with me below.

In addition to the above notifications, there are a number of urgent notifications you cannot opt-out of receiving - such as summon panic failure, or charge tapering. I could add support to silence (AKA not show the notification) these in the future if enough people would rather not see them pop-up, but just know your device will always technically receive these push notifications over the network for your subscribed vehicles even if I weren't to show it as a notification.

Other Changes

In case you haven't found them already, there have been a few other changes made recently that haven't been mentioned in a release post I'll list here.

  • Tesla Tips - a central repository for useful tips and hints for Tesla owners
  • Trips - a trip tracking feature
  • Tesla Referral Program Support - view your account referral details
  • Panic Button - automatically honk and flash your lights every few seconds when active
  • Estimate Charge Time Graph - view a graph of your projected charge time when charging
  • Quality of live improvements
  • Bug fixes

Coming Up

  • Wear Summon - I mean it this time!
  • Charge Time/Price Estimator Tool - calculate estimated charge times and prices easily
  • Powerwall Support - full support for Powerwall product APIs

Thanks all for your support, let me know if you need anything.

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